Transformational Travel Experiences for Women

Beautiful World, Beautiful People, Beautiful Earth

Beautiful: “Pleasing the senses or mind aesthetically; having qualities of beauty; excellent”
Lume (Romanian: pronounced loo-may): “world, people, earth, universe, realm, society”

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I have suspended all 2020 Travel Experiences. Stay safe everybody. We’ll get through this! ❤️

Beautiful Lume gives you the opportunity to co-create your own unique transformational travel experience within a small community of other women. To share in adventures, to make new friends, to discover what a beautiful, strong, empowered woman you truly are. Hosted by me, Paula Freeman, a traveler, mother, adventurer, and healer.

Beautiful Lume is for the first time traveler to the experienced. The stay-at-home mom to the CEO. Whether you are 19 or 79, Beautiful Lume is for women like you, who want to travel and who are also perhaps searching for something “more”.  Who they truly are and where they fit in the world – outside of being a mom, wife, girlfriend, daughter, sister, aunt, employee, boss, co-worker. Women who want something different, who are maybe (or maybe not) a bit unsure about traveling on your own. Women who want growth, expansion, empowerment, to create your own transformative travel experience. To create the life you want!

Or maybe you are a solo female traveler who simply feels more comfortable with a support network close at hand. That’s cool too! There is zero pressure to be involved any more than you want to be. This is your travel experience to create!

With Beautiful Lume, you have 100% freedom to create your own day, to choose what you want to do, whether it is spending time with yourself or with a community of other amazing, like-minded women experiencing solo travel together. And in the process reconnect with who you are, and quite possibly discover a deeper more authentic self.

Intrigued?  I hope so!  Find out more about the Beautiful Lume transformational travel experience and our incredible destinations!

10% of our profits go towards providing women in need with an all-expenses paid Beautiful Lume travel experience.


I have travelled with Paula on numerous occasions and it has always been a wonderful experience … I highly recommend anyone considering travel have a serious look at any trips Paula and her company Beautiful Lume are organizing. 
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I spent a month with Paula in Bali and somehow I felt connected to her from the very beginning. Her open-mindedness, curiosity and sense of adventure make her jump on any experience out of her comfort zone.
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Caring, considerate, compassionate with a beautiful soul is how I would describe Paula.  Easy to get along with and someone I just connected with(and I don’t connect with a lot of people)!! I wouldn’t hesitate in travelling with Paula again… fact, I hope to someday soon!
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